JumpStart - linking autism behaviour, sensory processing and communication

Autism behavior is the greatest challenge for many parents of children with autism. Now that I am a parent I fully appreciate the difference between the "autism behavior" my clients deal with and the usual behavioral challenges of raising toddlers and children.

Why is it so hard to manage autism behaviour?

The problem is that most children with autism have numerous therapists each doing their bit. The Speech Therapist works on communication, the Occupational Therapist works on sensory processing, the Psychologist works on behavior. All or none of them may work on play skills. When the parent is with each therapist their focus is on that therapists area of specialty so these different aspect of autism are not seen holistically.

JumpStart is different

JumpStart looks at autism behavior holistically. We spend a large amount of time helping parents to work out the reasons behind their particular child's behavior. We then focus on the underlying problems first so that when we introduce behavioral strategies they are more likely to work.

We look at the links between communication and behavior.

We spend many hours helping parents to understand what sensory processing is and how it can cause autism behavior. We then put sensory strategies in place.

We work on play skills and use play to teach important skills such as waiting and turn taking which can impact on behavior.

Finally we put behavioral strategies in place.

This approach allows parents to feel in control as they are able to analyse their child's behavior and put effective strategies in place to manage it.

"At the end of the program I am thrilled to say that our lives have changed for the better. My son still has Aspergers (and always will), but now we know how to help him with his behavior. We still have bad days, but now I know why and I feel in control and can put into place strategies that will calm him down."

The other important aspect of JumpStart is that we realise that you have a busy life and that you are unlikely to manage strategies that are time consuming or difficult to do with other kids around. We therefore spend time in your home learning how your family works so that we can introduce strategies that will work in with your life.

"Tali gave me wonderful suggestions about how to change our usual routine to benefit my son without radical changes or ridiculous ideas that are hard to implement. Everything she suggested was practical and easy to do"

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'It is hard to express just how much Tali has helped us. Looking back I can't believe I coped as long as i did without all the skills that Tali has taught me'

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Tali is fun, creative, caring and a delight to be around. I am so grateful for all she has done for us and I couldn't recommend her more highly.