Does your child only eat the "autism diet?"

The "autism diet" or white diet is all that many children with autism will eat. It generally consists of plain pasta, fries, and white bread. Fruit and vegetables do not feature and parents are lucky if they can get their child to eat any protein. Even if your child will try foods of a variety of colours, their diet may still be very limited.

When tackling your child's limited diet the first step is to gain an understanding of why your child refuses to eat so many foods. There are generally 3 reasons why a child has a limited diet. These are:

  1. Sensory processing difficulties
  2. Delayed motor skills
  3. Rigid thinking that is a common component of autism.

To successfully increase your child's food choices you need to understand which of these reasons (possibly more than 1) are contributing to your child's fussy eating.

JumpStart can help...

JumpStart tackles fussy eating by first looking at why your child has a limited diet and then we help you to put appropriate strategies in place. We use a combination of techniques which may include

  • visual supports
  • sensory strategies
  • motor strategies
  • social stories
  • behavioural strategies 

Our goal is to encourage your child to eat a wider variety of foods in a calm non-threatening way and remove the stress from family mealtimes.

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Tali is fun, creative, caring and a delight to be around. I am so grateful for all she has done for us and I couldn't recommend her more highly.