Autism toilet training - step by step

For many parents of children with autism toilet training feels like an impossible task. How do you possibly explain to your child what is expected of them?

At JumpStart we approach toilet training holistically as we do with all aspects of your child's therapy for autism. We use our knowledge of the thinking and learning styles of children with autism and take a step by step approach. We use start by working on communication and sensory processing as these can both impact on your ability to toilet train your child with autism.

We provide resources and visual supports and take a slow and steady approach to toilet training.

Oh yes and those great social stories that you are now able to write will be really useful when toilet training as you can focus on your specific child's areas of difficulty rather than relying on a generic story.

For children with autism, toilet training is a team effort

We work with you (the expert on your child and family) to work out what would be best for your child and family.

Potty first or straight onto the toilet?

Should boys stand or sit initially for wees?

Pull ups or not?

Is this the best time for our family to be dealing with toilet training?

Together we will work it all out and put a plan in place that will work for your individual child....

What if my child isn't ready to toilet train when we are doing the JumpStart program? 

For some children with autism, toilet training may still be a while away when you do the JumpStart program. If this is the case you will have all the information and resources provided as part of your JumpStart folder, so you can start whenever you and your child are ready.

At JumpStart we also offer a 5 session follow up program if you feel you need some extra support while toilet training.

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