Autism treatment should always teach social skills

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Will my child have friends?

It is important to remember that in order for a child with autism to engage with other children, they need to be able to "play by the rules". In other words if a child starts screaming every time another child comes near the Thomas trains, the other children are soon going to learn to steer clear.

Or if you have a child that will only play with toys that make a sound/flash when you push a button, it is hard to play with other children as these kind of toys are best used by one child playing alone.

At JumpStart we start with the first building block of social skills and teach your child how to play. This allows them to begin to interact with other children. We then focus on waiting and turn taking which will allow them to "play by the rules".

Although it is true that social skills are often best taught in a group situation, your child will do much better in such a group if they have had some one-on-one autism treatment that develops play skills, waiting, and turn taking first.

Understanding the rules...

Many children with high functioning autism or have great difficulty working out what is expected of them in social situations. They can become very anxious as they try to work out how to behave. If you as a parent can provide your child with simple social rules in a way that they can understand, you can really reduce their anxiety.

At JumpStart, we teach parents how to write social stories that work. This gives parents the control as they can write new stories as they are needed and do not need to be dependent on therapists.

Our unique JumpStart structure, including an hour of parent education, allows us to go through the stories parents have written together and make sure that they are social stories that will work.

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