Chronic disease management plan (CDMP)

Under a Chronic Disease Management Plan ( CDMP) families can claim a rebate on 5 sessions of Occupational Therapy and / or Speech Therapy through medicare. The child has to have a long term condition in order to be eligible and therefore a diagnosis of autism qualifies. 

How much do I get back?

The rebate is around $52 per session. If you have reached your medicare safety net however you will also receive 80% of the gap. The advantage of a Chronic Disease Management Plan is that you can get a new plan each year. 

How do I get a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP)
for my child with autism?

You will need your GP to write up a Chronic Disease Management Plan so let them know when you make your appointment what you need. Tell your GP who you want to see under the Chronic Disease Management Plan and they will provide you with a referral.

You cannot claim under a CDMP unless your therapist has a referral before you start therapy. They will need to put some information from the referal on the receipt that you take to medicare in order to allow you to claim.

You will need to pay upfront for therapy and claim it back later from medicare. 

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