Is your child's treatment for autism teaching them to play?

At JumpStart we strongly believe that treatment for autism should be play based. Children start to play as soon as they are able to reach or kick at toys or objects around them. Play allows them to explore and learn about the world that they are in.

By playing children develop gross and fine motor skills, they learn to solve problems and think. They begin to interact with other children and adults through play activities. How do children learn to wait and take turns if not through play? These are the foundations of social skills.

Now think for a moment about the child that does not know how to play.....

They will not be able to engage with other children of the same age. They will not have any activities to do with their parents or other adults. They may run around and jump or sit quietly and they may love watching TV but by the time they reach school age they have not learned all the important skills needed to succeed in our challenging world.

Many children with autism do not know how to play

Typically developing children will learn to play on their own. They instinctively explore and experiment with toys and figure out how to have fun with them. Children with autism often do not do this. They need to be actively taught that play is fun, and shown how to engage with toys. This is why at JumpStart we believe that children with autism should be taught play skills.

"I feel we couldn’t have been in better hands than with Tali. She brought so many different types of toys for our son to be exposed to and then helped introduce them slowly to him. Within a few weeks, he stopped running away during the sessions, was able to focus and loved spending time with Tali." 

Teaching your child to play can seem like an impossible task for parents but once you understand the play stages and how to identify your child's developmental stage, teaching your child to play becomes possible and rewarding.

"I now feel confident and excited about playing and communicating with my daughter whereas before I didn't know where to start"

The JumpStart program allows your child's treatment for autism to be fun. They look forward to the sessions...

"MN's relationship with Tali blossomed over the program and he anxiously waited for her to arrive in the driveway every Thursday calling out for her "Hi Tali"

At JumpStart, our treatment for autism is holistic and incorporates communication, sensory processing, behavioural difficulties, social skills, toilet training and fussy eating, but we address all of these issues through structured play.

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'It is hard to express just how much Tali has helped us. Looking back I can't believe I coped as long as i did without all the skills that Tali has taught me'

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Tali is fun, creative, caring and a delight to be around. I am so grateful for all she has done for us and I couldn't recommend her more highly.